Ashif Bin Barkhiya

2 7 asif bin barkhiya ra brought throne of bilqis ra in blink of the eye 3 evidence from hadith 3 1 hadith qudsi allah says he becomes hands and legs of his pious worshiper 3 2 hadith e nabwi regardin. The person who succeeded in bringing the throne to nabi suleiman as was asif bin barkhiya and the knowledge of the book he possessed was to know which name of allah swt to call upon to get the job don. Ibn sikkit when sulaiman a s asked his courtiers which of them could bring the throne of bilquis along with her there did he not know that asif bin barkhiya could accomplish it if he was aware why did. Asif bin barkhiya asif dengan huruf sod bukan sin beliau ialah anak saudara belah perempuan nabi sulaiman asw atau sepupunya bertugas sebagai penulis di zaman pemerintahan nabi. Describing the power of asif bin barkhiya the vizier of prophet suleiman the qur an describes the scene of the moments before the queen of sheba and her entourage came to visit him he suleiman said o.